He became the first billionaire but greediness made him a sick person.

John Rockefeller’s company was delivering grain at the cost of $40000 by lake. However, Rockefeller did not have insurance for the grain. He decided not to pay for it.

In the evening, the storm began. That night a few gray hairs and a few wrinkles appeared on the first billionaire’s head and face. Insurance cost only $150 though. It was 0.375% from the cost of the grain.

Maybe it is better to have insurance and sleep peacefully?

Complementing its transportation services Viconte Marine can arrange your freight insurance.

  • If you use our car fleet, we will take out an insurance contract automatically;
  • If you use international air or ocean freight services, we will recommend you to insure your cargo.

Anyway, this gives you financial protection against most risks of physical loss or damage due to external causes.

Remember, that insurance institute has existed for thousands years, since the days of the Roman Empire. Such a long history proves conclusively that insurance is absolutely essential in business.

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