Documents for cargo delivery

Documents of the carrier that driver holds 
Driver’s license Proves the right to drive a vehicle of the corresponding category
Registration certificate (of a motor vehicle) Contains data on the main technical characteristics of a vehicle. 
TIR (carnet TIR)  Gives the right to transport goods across the state border in containers or bodies sealed by customs. It is used in trucking and multimodal transportation to simplify customs procedures in countries that have adopted «The Customs Convention on the International Goods Transportation under Cover of carnet TIR (TIR Convention, 1975) “
Admittance  Gives the right to transport goods on territory of foreign countries. A new admittance is required for each transportation.
CEMT Allows transporting goods on the territory of the countries-participants of the European Conference of Transport Ministers. Permits unlimited number of carriages between CEMT -Member States, as well as transit through the territory of one or more Member States of the CEMT.
CMR kit International waybill.The document is issued in 3 copies – for the sender, recipient and carrier.It contains:

  • Information about the main cargo characteristics;
  • details of the sender, recipient and carrier;
  • Information about the place of origin and cargo delivery.
CMR insurance Insures the legislative carrier’s liability for loss or damage of the goods.
Sealing certificate  Admits a vehicle to goods delivery under customs seals.
License ADR – while dangerous cargo delivery Allows carrying dangerous goods of all categories
Documents issued by customer that driver holds
Invoice Confirms the transaction between buyer and seller.It contains:

  • number and date of the document
  • number and date of the contract
  • details of the seller and the buyer
  • Terms of delivery
  • list of goods
  • costs and other goods characteristics
  • FEACN codes
CMR ( issued by the sender) International waybill.
TIR ( TIR Carnet ) – issued by the sender Gives the right to transport goods across the state border in sealed containers or customs bodies.
Certificate of origin Confirms the country of origin (manufacture) of goods. Commerce board of the country of origin issues it.
Packing list Contains information about the sender and recipient of the goods, as well as:

  • weight characteristics of the goods;
  • packing characteristics of the packaging;
  • number of seats and cargo units at each place;
  • size and capacity of places;
  • net and gross cargo weight;
  • FEACN codes.
Transit declaration T-1 Financial guarantee of customs transit on territory of the EU countries.
Declaration EX-1 Confirms the goods export. It is issued on the territory of the EU countries by an authorized agent of the supplier or carrier for goods produced in the EU and supplied to third countries.
Documents given to the customer after delivery
The original freight contract In the document it is detailed:

  • date and place of the contract signing;
  • details of the shipper and the carrier;
  • subject of the contract;
  • rights and obligations of the parties;
  • The cost of services;
  • responsibility of the parties;
  • The legal requisites of the parties.
Report of Completion Confirms freight transportation on a full scale.
Invoice Confirms the deal between buyer and seller.



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