Доказательство инвойсной стоимости

How to reduce the amount of customs payment?

Viconte Marine Company provides a whole range of services for legal customs payment reduction. It is possible in case you evidence of invoice contract price and prove it.

Cooperation benefits with Viconte Marine

1. You get the unique service

Viconte Marine is the only company in Ukraine that provides a service package associated with the evidence of invoice contract price. We were the ones who first undertook the cargo customs clearance in the country and nowadays we are respected experts in this field.

2. The shortest periods of customs clearance

Our specialists guarantee that evidence of invoice contract price will not take more than 2-4 days.

3. You reliably prevent the invoice price adjustment

Viconte Marine specialists have created a package of documents that allows you to prevent the adjustment of invoice contract price. You will make the case to the customs officers in any situations – while importing goods from China or the EU countries.

In case you need to legally reduce the amount of customs fees,

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Рассчитать стоимость грузоперевозки
Основные выгоды сотрудничества с компанией Viconte Marine

Planning and development of the optimal route

Cargo tracking

Monitoring of deposits of cargo for the entire duration of delivery

Availability of insurance and escorting of precious cargo

Availability of consolidation of cargo in China and Europe

The best tariff

Intra-port forwarding in all Ukranian ports

Custom clearance any kind of cargo


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+38 (048) 242-91-41



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