Intra-port freight forwarding within as short time as possible

Viconte Marine Company provides a service package in the area of intra-port freight forwarding. We are fully responsible for cargo safety at all work stages – from loading to putting in storage.

The difference in our freight forwarding approach

1. High speed and efficiency

Viconte Marine maintains an association with port services and shipping companies in all major ports of Ukraine. We work directly and we do not waste time searching for liaisons.

Approximate order processing period on intra-port freight forwarding is 1 day.

2. Handling all types of cargo in all ports of Ukraine

We handle all freight types in all major ports of Ukraine. Dangerous goods? Our experts will get necessary admittances. In need of refrigerators? Viconte Marine will provide any equipment, expensive and rare in particular.

3. Service package allows you to save time

Viconte Marine is a company of a full logistical chain and combines all types of services necessary for international delivery. We can handle customs clearance, prepare shipping papers and solve any financial problems without outside experts.

4. Import, export and transit freight forwarding

We provide import, export and transit freight forwarding services. Whatever delivery type you need, Viconte Marine will complete an order within as short time as possible and we financially guarantee your cargo safety.

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Рассчитать стоимость грузоперевозки
Основные выгоды сотрудничества с компанией Viconte Marine

Планирование и разработка оптимального маршрута перевозки

Перевозка любого типа груза

Мониторинг местонахождения груза на протяжении всей доставки

Возможность страхования и сопровождения ценных грузов

Возможность консолидации грузов в Китае и Европе

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Внутрипортовое экспедирование в любом порту Украины

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