Услуги таможенного брокера

Viconte Marine is your representative in customs organizations

Viconte Marine experts will represent your interests in customs organizations. They will solve all the customs value problems, calculate the prepayments, prepare and file all necessary documents.

Cooperation benefits with Viconte Marine

1. The shortest paperwork periods

We provide 11 types of customs services – ranging from goods declare to evidence of invoice contract price. We use complex approach to minimize paperwork time.

For example, customs clearance takes up to 4 days.

2. Maximum cargo safety

We are fully responsible for cargo safety – both during the delivery and for the period of customs procedures. If necessary Viconte Marine will insure your cargo or will recommend a reliable insurance carrier.

3. Money saving

We will estimate customs value and pick out commodity code listing of foreign economic activity in such a way so that custom duties would be as low as possible. In case any disputable situation appears, our experts will evidence of invoice contract price.

4. Customers’ support

We are in a constant contact with customs officers; therefore, we are aware of all changes in the current legal system. You get up-to-date answers on all your questions. Any time of the day.

5. Regional offices in Ukraine

Viconte Marine works in all main regions of Ukraine. We guarantee that you will get knowledgeable assistance wherever you are.

 If you need a detailed consultation,

Contact us: +38 (048) 242-91-41

Рассчитать стоимость грузоперевозки
Основные выгоды сотрудничества с компанией Viconte Marine

Planning and development of the optimal route

Cargo tracking

Monitoring of deposits of cargo for the entire duration of delivery

Availability of insurance and escorting of precious cargo

Availability of consolidation of cargo in China and Europe

The best tariff

Intra-port forwarding in all Ukranian ports

Custom clearance any kind of cargo


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+38 (048) 242-91-41



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